Radio-Frequency (RF) Micro-needling (Agnes & Scarlet)

    Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Treatment
    Mommy Pouch: after one treatment
    Microneedling: before and After
    Microneedling: Before & After


      • Is FDA approved

      • RF micro needling; stimulates and tightens skin

      • Uses bi-polar radio frequency

      • Creates controlled micro wounds causing body to repair itself

      • Tightens area of mechanical irritation (new collagen, elastin fibers,  new skin cells) 
      • Minimal to no bleeding; coagulates blood vessels

      • New blood flow to area


                     Scarlet RF Micro-Needling

        • Improves appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

        • Improves photo aging (age reversing) and scars.

        • Treatment for acne (not active acne; Agnes used).
              • Tightening of pores.

          • Improves acne scars.

          • Scalp tightening (lifting entire face and jaw).
                • Non surgical.
                • Lifting from forehead; universal lifting.
                •  Pulling tugging sensation a few days later.

            • Can be used to treat crows feet.

            • Improves double chin.

            • Tightening skin on arms, abdomen and other areas

            • All skin types and tones. 

            • Correction and prevention. 



                            Agnes RF Micro-Needling

              • Selective sebaceous (fat) gland destruction

              • Micro-insulated needles

              • Acne Treatment

              • Blackheads

              • Syringomas & benign skin tumors

              • Periorbital/Eye lid wrinkles

              • Eye Bags (infraorbital fat herniation)

              • Double chin (submental fat)

              • Scars

              • Over-injected fat correction

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